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Mary Queen of Scots House

Set in the centre of historic Jedburgh, this 16th century towerhouse tells the story of Scotland’s tragic queen.

Mary Queen of Scots House | Jedburgh | The Castles of Scotland
Jedburgh Abbey

Jedburgh Abbey

A 12th century Augustinian abbey situated in the close by town of Jedburgh. Built over more than 70 years and still houses Christian artifacts which pre-date the abbey by several centuries

Jedburgh Castle Jail & Museum

Jedburgh Jail gives visitors a taste of what a prison was like in the 1820’s. Walk through original cells, see some of inmates conditions and follow their stories. The Jail is also said to be haunted

Jedburgh Jail Castle
Monteviot House is the early 18th century home

Monteviot House and gardens

Monteviot House is the early 18th century home of the Marquess of Lothian, the politician better known as Michael Ancram. It is located on the River Teviot near Jedburgh

Harestanes Countryside Visitor Centre

Harestanes recently benefited from a £342,000 childrens play area. Take on the scenery on one of the country walks, or savor a treat from the take away cafe. Harestanes offers something for everyone. There are some of the most beautiful walking trails in the Scottish Borders: energetic hikes and leisurely jaunts

Childrens Playground | Cafe | Walks
Walks cycle routes lanton

Walks and Cycle Paths

Lanton lies 12 miles north of the border and was built around the Jed Water. There are many walking and cycling routes in the area. Routes including woodland, riverside and town walks. Dere Street Roman Road, Harestanes Visitor Centre paths and Jedforest trails.

Thirlestane Castle

Thirlestane Castle in Scotland offers visitors a rich blend of history, architecture, and scenic beauty. As one of the oldest and finest inhabited castles, it showcases stunning interiors, exquisite plasterwork ceilings, and a significant art collection. The castle’s grounds provide a picturesque setting for walks, while events and activities cater to all ages. Its historical significance and unique charm make Thirlestane Castle a must-visit destination.

Scottish Borders Tours

Rabbie’s Scottish Borders Tours offers an intimate, personalized experience of Scotland’s scenic beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. With small groups, expert local guides, and comfortable transportation, visitors can explore charming towns, historic castles, and stunning landscapes at a relaxed pace. Their eco-friendly practices and emphasis on supporting local communities add value to the adventure.

Hay Farm Heavy Horse Centre

Hay Farm Heavy Horse Centre offers a unique opportunity to experience traditional farm life and interact with majestic Clydesdale horses. Visitors can learn about these gentle giants, see vintage farming equipment, and enjoy a hands-on educational experience. The scenic Northumberland location and friendly, knowledgeable staff make it a perfect family outing, blending history, nature, and animal care in a captivating setting.


Visit Kelso for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant community. Nestled in the Scottish Borders, Kelso boasts the majestic Floors Castle, beautiful riverside walks along the Tweed, and the historic Kelso Abbey. The town’s charming market square, unique shops, and lively events, like the Kelso Races and the Border Union Show, offer a quintessentially Scottish experience.

The Borders Distillery

The Borders Distillery offers a unique experience, showcasing traditional Scotch whisky-making techniques in the heart of the Scottish Borders. Visitors can enjoy guided tours, learn about the distillation process, and taste a variety of fine spirits. The distillery is housed in a beautifully restored historic building, providing a blend of heritage and modern craftsmanship. It’s a perfect destination for whisky enthusiasts and those interested in Scotland’s rich cultural heritage.


Hawick, nestled in the Scottish Borders, boasts rich history and natural beauty. Visitors can explore its renowned textile heritage, including high-quality cashmere production, at the Hawick Museum and Scott & Charters. The town’s annual Common Riding festival showcases unique traditions. With stunning landscapes for outdoor activities and its role in the Reivers’ history, Hawick offers a blend of cultural and scenic attractions.



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